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Caroline Anderson

Caroline Anderson

Artist's Statement
I call my work: "The Moment of Abstraction". It's a space of emotions where they can be free and even contradictory or confused.  Each material that I use contains openings, possibilities, it's fascinating how the painting responds to the means employed. It is concentrated on meeting what I don't know. When I arrive in the workshop, I don't know what will happen, I am use what arises. I particularly like defaults, errors that occur almost without my knowledge, I work without a project and even without any idea or thought.


CAROLINE ANDERSON was born in Charleville, France. Her father was an architect, she was surrounded by drawings, blueprints, models. After attending the National School of Fine Arts (Beaux-Arts) in Paris in 1968/72 section Art Plastic and the Duperré School of Applied Art 1972/73, she was involved with The Factory in New York in 1980.
She was also the lighting designer with modern dance companies for many years.

Her line of jewellery "ACCES-OCEAN" started in 1974. Her Artistic-Jewellery was featured in publicity shots for Christian Dior, Helmut Lang, Christian Lacroix, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Lancôme, Guerlain and Fashion-Shows with Thierry Mugler, Elisabeth de Senneville.

Her artistic work on canvas is a receptacle of emotions: She uses different mediums like resin, metal, wood, polyurethane, acrylic, transparent film for car and plexiglass.

Her work has been sold at galleries in Paris, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Nassau.

Following the trail of the dolphins, she came to the Bahamas in 1989 to ID and study those wonderful water creatures, spending a few years in Abaco.  She now lives in Freeport where she continues her work.


Artwork By This Artist

Price: CHF 1,250.00

acrylic paint on transparent film on canvas, 30x41 cm

Price: CHF 1,590.00

Acrylic on transparent film on canvas, 76x38 cm

Price: CHF 3,830.00

Acrylic on transparent film, resin, roots from the tree Great Banyan on canvas 61x91 cm

Price: CHF 1,935.00

acrylic on transparent film, aluminum, fibre, plexiglass, 51x61 cm

Price: CHF 1,935.00

acrylic on transparent film, resin, plan cerasee on canvas, 51x61cm

Price: CHF 1,250.00

acrylic on transparent film, honeycomb used on boats, 30x41 cm

Price: CHF 1,455.00

acrylic on transparent film, plexiglass on canvas, 41x51 cm

Price: CHF 1,935.00

acrylic on transparent film, resin, wood, sea fan, fibre on canvas, 51x61 cm

Price: CHF 1,935.00

acrylic on transparent film, wood, resin, plexiglass,  fibre, sea fan on canvas 51x61   

Price: CHF 1,550.00

acrylic on transparent film, resin, fiber, sea fan, wood on canvas 30x41

Price: CHF 1,550.00

acrylic on transparent film, resin,wood, fiber on canvas, 30x41 cm

Price: CHF 1,550.00

acrylic on transparent film, resin, wood, fiber on canvas, 30x41 cm