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About Expérience Jamaïque

About Expérience Jamaïque

Expérience Jamaïque (EJ) brings an authentic Jamaican experience to Europe. Through its website and distributors, EJ will effectively promote the island’s culture and provide access to a range of high quality products for the German, French and English speaking communities

Jamaica is a name well known in Europe and across the world. It is often associated with reggae music, world class short distance athletes and the Rastafarian movement.

Those who have the opportunity to visit this tropical island generally harbor good memories of their experiences. Yet many others in Europe have not been and would like have an experience of Jamaica.

EJ is the brainchild of Denise Allen, a Jamaican/Swiss who has been living in Geneva since 1998. She has a passion for culture in both countries.

Along with a team of associates, EJ was conceived as a unique avenue for discovery and opportunity for customers and business people on both sides of the Atlantic.

EJ brings a complete Jamaican Experience with direct, up to date information and reliable access to Jamaica’s artists, music, foods, secret locations and much more.


Contact: [email protected]

Location in Geneva: 17 chemin des Palettes 1212 Grand Lancy Geneva